Weird question but does anyone else hate when someone refers to you as your dogs ‘Mummy’? Vom.


I met Fletcher when he was around 3-4 weeks old. I visited him at his breeders home and he had 4 litter mates, 3 other boys and a girl. Now I know you should adopt but my living situation wouldn’t permit for an older dog and I had done a lot of thinking about which breed I wanted and basically a miniature dachshund was the best choice.

My little Sausage.

He was absolutely tiny, cute and lovely. Although he was a bit whiney which I should have taken a note of as it is a trait he has not lost, in fact it is a skill he has improved and practices very frequently. He really has made great progress with the volume too, it’s quite excellent.

I had searched for a while for the right litter, right date for the pup to be able to come home and as cold as it sound but the right price. When I first started looking I wasn’t really too concerned with the colouring of the dog but the more litters I saw I fell in love with the dapple colouration, as they look unusual.

Deceiving everyone with cuteness, don’t fall for it.

After seeing Fletcher for the first time, I told his breeder that I would go away and have a think about it. Not only was he going to be a big commitment but also buying a puppy is expensive. Did I really want to cut out the ridiculous amount of Costa I drink or not buy absolute nonsense from Tesco Extra in order to save money for him?

Inevitably the answer was yes and I was going to take him, as I had pretty much made up my mind when I saw him. Later on that night I sent my deposit over in order to reserve him. And then it was just a 4 week wait until I could pick him up, which seemed to take absolutely forever!

I picked up Fletcher on the first of February this year. And he’s been a giant pain in my ass ever since. Ha jokes. But no he is a handful but he’s brilliant and despite him being just 1.3 kilos he has the attitude of a fucking T-Rex.

Small enough to fit in my hand, and already best friends.
The cutest face, but already plotting world domination.

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