Beware; The Puppy Penis.

In life there are some things that are inevitable, death and taxes, and also that one day your puppy’s dick will make itself known.

Such an innocent face. Don’t be fooled.

As I’ve said in a previous post, I think Fletcher is at that age where he is a kind of teenager. He answers back (he does honestly, it’s just not in English), he’s rebellious, he has an unnatural obsession with dirty underwear and now it appears, he just loves humping.

Fletcher,much like a teenage boy he has undoubtedly taken his humping game to the next level recently. The ‘lipstick’ really has made itself known it just loves to pop out and scare the living fuck out of me. The first time it happened I was up late browsing online. Fletcher who was also awake just waddling about decided that he would start giving his bedding a real good seeing to. I just let him get on with it as he normally would do it for two minutes and then started ragging the bed around like a toy. Unfortunately this night would be no normal night, next thing I knew this horrible phallus thing had appeared and, I shit you not, he had as much fear in his eyes as I did.

Absolute carnage both in the fore and background.

He looked at it and looked at me, I looked at it and looked at him, he came towards me dragging it along the carpet (short leg problem or a big dick problem?), I ran away. I ended up ringing someone at 2 in the morning to tell them my dogs dick was on the rampage and whether I needed to take him to the hospital. Luckily they were awake and doing a night shift. Imagine being half asleep and hearing that sentence being squawked down the phone.

Shocked by his own penis.

Luckily amidst the laughter coming down the phone, Fletcher’s willy decided that it had caused enough terror for the night and tucked itself away.

It has made a few more appearances since. And for me they are all just as terrifying as the first, except now Fletcher himself hardly seems to notice. Either that or he is just dead proud of it and wants to parade it around, as it’s about a third as long as he is.

Dumbo eat your heart out.

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