Abbeys and Ice-Creams

Walk or be dragged.

Today was one of those days where Fletcher was very well behaved, any little naughty thing he did was overshadowed by an argument I later had with a 2 and a half year old about ice cream and why does it have to be so cold. Apparently my advice of taking smaller scoops to avoid brain freeze were unheeded and so followed screaming after every mouthful. Oh, and even though she hated every mouthful, I wasn’t allowed any and my spoon got thrown on the floor just in case I had the audacity to eat some of the delicious white chocolate and honey comb ice cream I fucking paid for.

We took a little trip to Tintern Abbey, for a bimble about and to go walk around the ruins. They welcome dogs, and disappointingly they also welcome toddlers. The ruins themselves are actually gigantic, it really does blow my mind that all those years ago they could construct these huge monuments without any machinery.

Adventure Time.

It was today that Fletcher really grew in confidence, he was running around the grass off lead by himself when usually he would be glued to my side. And hysterically he started barking at two kids and their grandparents, he was proper giving it the big guns, I honestly didn’t know what he thought was happening but obviously we needed protection and 2.5 kg sausage Fletcher was the dog for the job.

Much to his annoyance though, the family just laughed at him.

Wait for me!

After our little adventure we went for a coffee and an ice cream in a pub opposite the Abbey. This is where ‘Ice-creamGate 2019’ happened. Unfortunately I have no pictures of the ice cream as most of it ended up dribbled onto the floor in a desperate attempt to stop the brain freeze, good news for Fletcher though at least he enjoyed it. Although what he didn’t enjoy was being kicked in the face when he got in the way of a kicky and screamy tantrum from said brain freeze victim.

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