Work, and the consequences thereof.

There’s this really awkward thing called ‘work’ and it gets in the way of writing blog posts and taking pictures and generally just enjoying life. Honestly I am completely sick of it. I mean it’s just a shame my entire life as I know it is dependant on money.

So Fletcher and I took a super duper long break from posting, on basically everything because I got moved to a new location and sent on a 3 month course. Fletch had to go stay with my Nan for a few months, which was absolute torture for me… and my nan, but both for different reasons. Fletch however, had a fucking wonderful time torturing her to death and generally just improving her level of cardio endurance by running around the house like a lunatic for 3 months.

Trying to look suave and inconspicuous.

I didn’t really get the opportunity to go home much during this time so there were not really many Fletch stories or pics I have been able to post. Which is quite disappointing I suppose. Well, I say no Fletcher stories, there are always plenty of those as he is such a character, he is a literal 6 kg ball of furry attitude that likes to come at you teeth first and then when he is tired rest his butt hole on your face.

Fletcher launching an attack.

But thankfully we are now reunited. And, what a hyper, overexcited and tail wagging reunion it was. Unfortunately at the time I was so excited to just see Fletcher I did not have the mind to ask someone to video it so I cannot show it here, there’s certainly something to be said for living in the moment and not videoing every damn thing you do. But instead I can let you know that I was very worried that Fletch wouldn’t recognise me when I came back, turns out I really should not have worried myself with such nonsense as he certainly did know who I was. Picture if you will, one of those little toy ferrets that are attached to a ball and when you turn them on they roll all over the floor and the fluffy ferret thing is flinging all over the shop? Usually find them being sold at markets or on holidays. Yeah? Well that was Fletch except his nose was not attached to a ball but he was flipping and flying all over me. Zoomies ensued shortly after.

During his time with Granny, Fletch certainly experienced a lifestyle change. He went from sleeping in the big bed being cwtched up, to sleeping in a crate at the bottom of the bed. One thing I know for certain, he did not enjoy that one bit. I could put money on the fact that he probably cried all night until he got used to the fact that was his bed, luckily though my nan can be quite audibly challenged so I think she coped.

Of course, now that I have got him back all of my nans hard work is ruined because he is back in the big bed with me. It purely is for selfish reasons as I do love nothing more than snuggling with Fletch in bed, like what could be more cozy than an adorable dog snoozing and being all comfy in the blankets. So, yes, I have ruined all my Nans hard work with him with the crate and I do feel bad I really do. But at the same time all may not be lost as I can easily re-introduce him to it. Im not clutching at straws, honestly.

Anyway, onwards we march barking and screaming and pooping on the carpet into Christmas and the New Year.

His reign of terror hasn’t stretched to pulling down the tree yet.