Delicious Homemade Dog Food.

Let’s start off with I’m neither a vet nor am I a dog food wizard who knows what all dogs should eat. Least of all yours, so if you copy me and it doesn’t agree with your dog then leave me out of it okay? This was your decision.

Fletcher dislikes dog biscuits. He is basically like a little King Geoffrey and if he decided he does not want to eat the food the other peasant dogs eat then he shall not eat it.

It is certainly not a teeth problem either as they’ve been checked over by the Dog Doctor and he manages just fine to chew on Kongs and lamb ribs and duck wings and any other hard but delicious treats he can get his chops around.

Anyway, so since its 2020 and we are so fucking conscious of what we eat and what we do and the impact we make on the earth and the animals. I decided to start making Fletcher’s food at home, and I’ll tell you for why. Fucking dog food is basically made of sugar beet, which as the name suggests is basically sugar. I certainly don’t need that much sugar in my body and, Fletcher really does not need it in his either he has plenty of energy without consuming any extra crappy sugar as his main food group.

I had the bright idea around Christmas time that I would home make Fletcher’s food. So because he doesn’t like the biscuits, he ended up on the dog food that comes in those little tins and they just doesn’t sit right with me. Whilst Fletch actually loves this food, it looks like pate. Pate is actually delicious though and I would eat that morning, noon and night on crackers with some cheese but lets be honest its not good for you and he was beginning to lose weight eating the dog pate.

And whilst all of that is true I didn’t ever consider home-making Fletcher’s food because probably like everyone else I thought dogs could only eat dog food as I had never really given it a huge amount of thought. But then my brain started calculating and then I remembered that dogs basically eat what you give them and they managed to survive before Pedigree made kibble. And coincidentally a video came up online that until I saw a some info about it online and then thought fuck it, I’ll have a go.

Anyway so I decided to start off with some sweet potato, green beans, carrots and courgette. Oh and a little bit of turmeric. And then adding to that, some rice and some chicken breast, which I changed later to raw meat. Because I’m such a trendy and modern fucking dog owner, yes that right. Currently we are on Nature’s Menu Country Hunter raw food, and it comes in these little cubes which is really practical if you are like me and cant portion things so defrost loads and then it all goes rotten and its a complete waste. Its also got superfood in it too! Just to clarify this is not an advert despite this gleaming review of raw animal carcass chunks.

Choppy chopped it all up. Boiled what needed to be boiled. Made some stock. Reduced salt obviously I’m not a fucking lunatic. Also, speaking of boiling, I boiled the chicken in this instance so nothing was added or taken away from it. If you have ever boiled chicken then you will know it looks like the weirdest thing ever, bleurgh, however it tastes good.

All of the ingredients besides the chicken then went into a big pot on the hob with some of the stock and then mixed together. And ya know what? That is pretty much it, all mixed together and heated for a bit and then wait for it to cool and serve with the chicken. Add some rice if you think it needs bulking up a little. Also I like to add the stock as it ensures that Fletcher gets enough fluids, sometimes I feel like he doesn’t drink enough.

And now have a cup of coffee and look over your big pot of homemade dog food love and be proud. For if you cannot impress other humans with your pathetic culinary attempts then at least your dog will appreciate it.

And once it’s all over its time for coffee.

And, once it’s all over reward yourself with a delicious barista style coffee.

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