Is naptime a crime?

Naptime. The best time. A time we all wish we had more of during the day but frowned upon because apparently adults should be able to stay awake from morning to night time.

Well, I would just like to let everyone know that I am an adult and I take naps. With my dog. And, they are great.

Here are the reasons why Fletcher and I both think that naps are not a crime:

1. It is like a very deep meditation (which is really trendy at the moment).

2. You dream during naps, which helps your brain put everything into order. Especially helpful for me as my brain is like a filing cabinet which someone locked and organised one time but then lost the key so they had to pry it open with a crow bar and then dragged the papers out the best they could but made it all extremely disorganised and then became very overwhelmed so just left it for later. But never came back later.

3. Its really cosy and comfortable and is a good place to think about all the things you should be doing but really dont want to do which induces panic. But the panic stops because you are super cosy with your dog having nap time.

4. It helps your body rest, recuperate and grow. I mean, it’s a bit late for both me and Fletch now. Both of us came in the miniature version but we can still at least put the time in to trying.

5. Naps are just great.

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