Radio Silence

I am almost certain that my absence from writing here hasn’t been missed by positively anyone, as I put next to no effort into getting anyone to even look at it.

The problem I have faced is writer’s block and that is down to the fact that I read too much. I read too much about how to do things right, whats the right thing to blog about, what keywords drag people to your website blah blah blah. Turns out doing this really sucks the enjoyment out of writing, and clearly doesn’t fucking work. The best way of doing it, is to just… well, do it. Whilst I do have lots of things to write about regarding Fletcher, finding things to match the SEO friendly title of ‘5 ways to ________ your dog’ whittles down your options and in all honesty is a bit boring.

I’ve decided to fuck all of that off and just write about what I want. And, just give it incredibly click baity titles, such as, ‘Fletcher saved a family of 5 from a house fire started by a dodgy alarm clock’ or ‘Today we slept for 12 hours, the end’. That should really get some eyes on it.

And, so. Here we go.

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